Saudi National Campaign Continues Distribution of Bread to Syrian Refugees inside Syria

Thursday 1438/4/14 - 2017/01/12
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Amman, Rabi'II 14, 1438, Jan 12, 2017, SPA -- In continuation of the humanitarian efforts being exerted by Saudi National Campaign to support brothers in Syria, the displaced and refugees, the Campaign is still continuing the provision of bread to Syrian displaced in northern Syria through its office in Turkey within its food project targeting the Syrian displaced in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo and their rural countrysides as well as in their neighboring refugee camps through four mobile ovens designed specifically for this purpose.
Director of the Saudi National Campaign's Office in Turkey Khalid Al-Salamah said that the production capacity of these ovens is more than 212,000 loaves of bread per day benefiting Syrian displaced from inside Syria in the refugee camp in Bab Al-Hawa, crossing point in the countryside of north Idlib and the Syrian displaced from inside Syria in the new refugee camp of Sajo in Bab Al-Salamah, crossing point in northern Aleppo.
He pointed out that the Saudi National Campaign bears fully the expenses of these ovens' operations and the provision of the raw materials of flour, fuel and others.
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